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1 Niche Relevant PBN Domain

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1 Niche Relevant PBN Domain


  • All of our domains are hand-picked and go through a series of tests to make sure they are good for a PBN domain. At the beginning these tests, we start off with millions of domains in our database. After these checks, the list is filtered down to several thousand. As a result, we are left with only high quality domains, which we can then pass on to you.
  • Each one of your domains will be niche relevant. To mirror natural linking patterns, some of your domains may be in related niches as well. This is perfectly natural. If your site is in the “Internet Marketing” niche for example, it makes sense for it to receive backlinks from sites in related niches, such as Web Design & Development, Software, Marketing, & Opportunities. We try to provide a good mix of closely relevant and related niches, with the goal of reflecting natural backlinking as closely as possible.
  • We will try to get you the domains with the best metrics possible, however, we can’t promise anything other than a minimum DA, PA, TF, CF of at least 10, as it really depends on your niche. On average, the Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF), and Domain Authority (DA) of our domains is around 15 and the average Page Authority (PA) is around 20.
  • The number of referring domains and backlinks to our expired domains varies depending on the niche. Usually, your domains will have at least 10 referring domains total (more like 15-30 on average). However, we can’t promise a minimum amount.
  • All domains are properly indexed and free of spam.

Exchange Policy

  • In order to request an exchange, your domain must fail to meet the basic minimum requirements: DA, PA, TF, CF of at least 10. If any one of your domains don’t have those minimum metrics or is clearly spammy, contact us at domains@cybersist.com and request a new domain. We will deliver a new one within 24 hours.